Design principles

This section explains the philosophy behind Bosun development and how we can fit a model to it.


Bosun tasks acts over data sources and sinks. Tasks can be divided in four categories: Prepare, Compile, Run and Archive. Data sources and sinks can be Experiments, Code, Artifacts and Storage.


In a very high level executing a model can be divided in four parts:

  • Prepare

    This step can include data manipulation (download, munging, copying) and directory creation.

  • Compile

    Code checkout from repositories, instrumentation and compilation are good fits for this step.

  • Run

    How to run the model: batch system submission, consistency checks, status and automatic restarts.

  • Archive

Sources and sinks

  • Experiment
  • Code
  • Artifacts
  • Storage

Small tasks, composable tasks

Tasks should be small, and complex tasks should be broken in smaller ones.